Safe Hunting Guidelines

Especially for Deer Hunters

To meet the required precautions and acknowledge the facts of a risk-taking hobby such as deer hunting, is to assure that you will have a safe experience this season and for many seasons to follow.

Deer hunting safety is an essential part of the sport itself. No matter how long you have been a deer hunter, no matter if you have fifty years experience or if you are just starting out, the most important part of your adventures hunting will always be deer hunting safety.

Remember, there could be, and often are, other people around during deer season. 

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Think of their safety and your own with basic deer hunting safety guidelines.

In the beautiful atmosphere of autumn is game ripe for the hunting and wonderful experiences to be had. However, potential dangers are always a factor when dealing with weapons and sometimes unpredictable situations.

Deer hunting safety truly cannot be overstressed. With the following guidelines in mind, you will certainly have a more safe and enjoyable time deer hunting:

  • Make sure that any firearm is treated as though it were loaded and ready to fire, and always remember to keep the safety on, without exception, unless the weapon is about to be used. Deer hunting safety stresses this especially, because accidents really do happen, just by simple mistakes.

  • Keep in complete control of your weapon. Only aim you gun when you intend to shoot— and at no other time, again, without exception. In other words, aim only at the game you intend to shoot.

  • Make sure you have targeted an area with no one in close range of your game.
  • Always wear blaze (or a neon-bright) orange outer layer— this is absolutely one of the best forms of deer hunting safety you can practice.

  • Be sure you are not targeted as game!!! In addition to wearing bright orange, always have a flashlight with you when hunting in the dark.

  • You can be a danger to yourself and others if you are not alert while hunting. Deer hunting safety depends upon observation and ability — if you are impaired by sleepiness, deer hunting safety indicates that you should not participate.
Africa Hunting

If you use a tree stand:

  • Be sure to use a harness or safety belt.

  • Always work within your own physical limits. Do not attempt to climb where you cannot.

  • Never climb with equipment. Use a haul line.

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Most of the above guidelines will also be important for a hunting safari in Africa, except that on Uitspan Hunting Ranch (like on a lot of other hunting ranches in Namibia), you will not have the problem of anyone else in close range as mentioned above).

That is...except for your PH!

(Personal comments from Uitspan Hunting)

Kudu Hunting NamibiaKudu Bulls on Uitspan Hunting Ranch in the Kalahari... green here after a good rain season!

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Meaning of "Uitspan"

'Uitspan' is an Afrikaans word that means place of rest.

When the Boer settlers moved inland in Southern Africa in the 1800's, they used ox carts. When they found a spot with game, water and green grass, they arranged their ox carts into a circular laager for protection against wild animals and stopped for a rest.

They referred to such an action of relaxation for man and beast, as Uitspan.

(Picture above of our ancestors.)

Did you know?

Greater Souther Kudu
Greater Southern Kudus are famous for their ability to jump high fences. A 2 m (6.56 ft) fence is easily jumped while a 3 m (9.84 ft) high fence is jumped spontaneously. These strong jumpers are known to jump up to 3.5 m (11.48 ft) under stress.

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Kalahari Lion

Some animals have one sense more than man!

The flehmen response is a particular type of curling of the upper lip in ungulates, felids and many other mammals. This action facilitates the transfer of pheromones and other scents into the vomeronasal organ, also called the Jacobson's Organ.
This behavior allows animals to detect scents (for example from urine) of other members of their species or clues to the presence of prey. Flehming allows the animals to determine several factors, including the presence or absence of estrus, the physiological state of the animal, and how long ago the animal passed by. This particular response is recognizable in males when smelling the urine of a females in heat.

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