Namibia Travel Info

Sand dunes near Sossusvlei, NamibiaSand dunes near Sossusvlei, Namibia

You may need some Namibia travel info when you decide to travel to this part of the African continent.

It is such a beautiful country with so many scenic marvels that you will never be sorry for coming here.

Here are some information to help you plan this adventure to the country with the highest sand dunes in the world!

For any other Namibia travel info, you are most welcome to contact us.

How to get to Namibia

Sand boarding on Namibia's sand dunes!Sand boarding on Namibia's sand dunes!

The National carrier of this country, Air Namibia, has regular direct flights from Frankfurt to Windhoek.

South African Airways (in partnership with Delta), which is the national carrier of South Africa, offer daily service from New York JFK and Atlanta to Johannesburg and Cape Town.

S.A.A., Comav and Air Namibia offer dialy (2 hour) flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg to Hosea Kutako International (Windhoek).

The Hosea Kutako Airport is 40 km (25 miles) from the city Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.

If you are coming to our ranch for an African Hunting safari , we will either pick you up at the airport (per vehicle) or organize your charter flight from the international airport. The choice is yours!

We will organize this service for you according to your wish and as soon as you have made your booking with Uitspan Hunting Ranch.

Adventure in NamibiaAdventure in Namibia

If you are interested in a holiday in Namibia, you may want to contact a professional for tips, advice and suggestions on your Namibian vacation.

For this service, and also quotations on flight tickets to and from Namibiacontact Suska or Violet of Just Holidays per e-mail or at telephone: +264 61 253276 / +264 61 300 630.

Here you may get the best prices on flight tickets. The planning and organizing of your Namibian adventure will be made easy!

Planning your Namibian Adventure

Namibia's famous Christuskirche in WindhoekNamibia's famous Christuskirche in Windhoek

Read Nancy's comments on their travel-and-hunt trip to Namibia!

You may be overwhelmed by all the Namibia travel info and tourist destinations of Namibia.

The capital city of Namibia, Windhoek, has a "continental" atmosphere. Its architecture, cuisine, culture, dress codes and educational institutions make it one of Namibia's main tourist attractions.

Windhoek's streets markets, its "Namibia Craft Center", three historical castles and the wide variety of restaurants are definitely my personal favorites to visit!

It may be a good idea to buy yourself a good book with all the relevant Namibia travel info on the scenic marvels which this great country has to offer.

Namibian Tourism offices can also be contacted in:

  • USA, Washington DC: Tel.+(1) 202 986-0540, fax +(1) 202 986-0443
  • Germany, Berlin: Tel.+49(0)30-25 40 95-0, fax +49(0)30-25 40 95-55
  • United Kingdom, London: Tel.+(44) 207-636 6244, fax +(44) 207-7637 5694
  • Spain, Madrid: +34-1-350-15.32, fax 350.18.10
Namibia beer... the best!Namibia beer... the best!

Since videos are such powerful ways of telling about something, we included this video of Namibia for you.

This way you will see something of some of the great and beautiful places in our country.
(A pity though, that the Kalahari as the far eastern part of Namibia is not included in the video.)

Enjoy... and "Welcome in Namibia!"

General Information about Namibia

Namibia mapNamibia Map

Capital: Windhoek (22°33′S 17°15′E)

Official language(s): English (German and Afrikaans are widely spoken and in rural areas the local languages).

Government: Republic

: From South Africa (March 21, 1990)

Area: Total of 824,292 km² (318,259 sq mi)

- July 2005 est.: 2,031,0002
- 2002 census: 1,820,916
- Density: 2.5/km²(6.5/sq mi)

Time zone: UTC+1
- Summer UTC+2

Internet TLD: .na

Calling code: +264

Have a look at our famous video of the Common Pangolin in the Kalahari!

What to bring

The spectacular Sossusvlei in NamibiaThe spectacular Sossusvlei in Namibia

Download a complete Namibia Trip Packlist here. It will apply to both a touring and/or a hunting trip to Namibia .

We hope that it will help you pack for your adventure to Africa!

Visa and Passport Requirements

It is required by Namibian Law that your passport are valid for the period of six months from the date of your arrival in Namibia.

Citizens from the following countries are exempted from visa requirements if entering Namibia as bona fide tourists:

Angola, Australia, Austria, Belguim, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Lesotho, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malawi, Malaysia, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Scandinavian countries, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Switzerland, Tanzania, UK, USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Our Namibian Dollar exchanges at the same rate as the South African Rand (ZAR).

Travelers' cheques and cashiers' cheques are no longer accepted by any of our banks. However, most businesses accept credit cards.

US$ and Euro cash (except coins) are accepted at some places in Namibia. All the Namibian banks are open from 09h00 to 15h30 on weekdays and from 09h00 to 11h00 on Saturdays.


Welwitchia mirabilisNamibia's well-known 'Welwitchia mirabilis'. You will see this plant only in the Namib Desert. It can live for over a thousand years!

Namibia's medical system is modern and capable of attending to whatever needs you may have. We would recommend private hospitals for any medical care and emergencies.

Other Namibia travel info you should have, is that the northern part of Namibia is in a malarial zone, so take standard malaria precautions when travelling in these areas. There are different strains of malaria and different habits of the mosquitoes that carry it, so consult a doctor before leaving.

Malaria is not a threat however, in the Kalahari Desert region where Uitspan Hunting Ranch is located.

We would like you to be in the best physical shape that your situation and condition will allow. Please inform us beforehand of any special requirements or specific medication you might need so that we can be prepared and plan accordingly.

We are stocked with a comprehensive range of international brand name medication, but it is advised that you bring along the types of medication that you regularly take or may require.

It is advisable to always ensure you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy which covers you for repatriation to your home country.

(Picture: Namibia's Fish River Canyon, the second biggest canyon in the world.)

Namibia Fish River CanyonNamibia's Fish River Canyon

Namibia's Climate

Read more about the the climate of the Kalahari. The whole of Namibia experience almost the same climate - except at the coast.


Although most places in Namibia offer clean, drinkable water from the taps, it is better to ask beforehand or use bottled water.

The water at Uitspan Hunting Ranch is pumped from a borehole into sealed water tanks from where it is available for our accommodation facilities and house. 

The quality, purity and taste of the water is excellent.


Electric plugs used in NamibiaElectric plugs used in Namibia

Electric Power is 220V running at 50Hz.

Have a look at the picture of the plugs used in Namibia. This will help you to pack the right converters!

Let us know if we can help you plan an African Hunting Safari for your family.

Read Jaco's reflection of his Kalahari Hunt.

Namibia Hunting SafariThe Rivas family from Florida, USA, on their Namibia Hunting Safari.

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Meaning of "Uitspan"

'Uitspan' is an Afrikaans word that means place of rest.

When the Boer settlers moved inland in Southern Africa in the 1800's, they used ox carts. When they found a spot with game, water and green grass, they arranged their ox carts into a circular laager for protection against wild animals and stopped for a rest.

They referred to such an action of relaxation for man and beast, as Uitspan.

(Picture above of our ancestors.)

Did you know?

Greater Souther Kudu
Greater Southern Kudus are famous for their ability to jump high fences. A 2 m (6.56 ft) fence is easily jumped while a 3 m (9.84 ft) high fence is jumped spontaneously. These strong jumpers are known to jump up to 3.5 m (11.48 ft) under stress.

Read detailed info on the Kudu antelope

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Did you know?

Kalahari Lion

Some animals have one sense more than man!

The flehmen response is a particular type of curling of the upper lip in ungulates, felids and many other mammals. This action facilitates the transfer of pheromones and other scents into the vomeronasal organ, also called the Jacobson's Organ.
This behavior allows animals to detect scents (for example from urine) of other members of their species or clues to the presence of prey. Flehming allows the animals to determine several factors, including the presence or absence of estrus, the physiological state of the animal, and how long ago the animal passed by. This particular response is recognizable in males when smelling the urine of a females in heat.

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