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Kalahari Hunting NamibiaSunrise in the Kalahari, Namibia

There are so many wonderful hunting articles about the Kalahari, Namibia, Africa and safaris.

We ought to remember that

"... writing is not a performance but a generosity"
(Brenda Ueland,1938).

I thought to share special hunting articles here with you so that you will know where to find good reading material that will interest you - all on a few pages!

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African Hunting Stories

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Links to Hunting Articles

1. Africa Hunt Review  by John Palffy, Australia

2. You Only Go Around Once... by Roger Libby

3. Five Calibers for International Hunting  by Steve Hofmann

4. Africa Hunting for Women by Terri McIntosh

5. Guns and Ammo For Your Next Trip  by Terry Blauwkamp

6. African Safari Costs... what to keep in mind  by Terry Blauwkamp

7. What to Say to a Person Who Has Never Hunted  by Randall Eaton

8. Why hunt?  (Parts 1 to 3)

9. Namibia Travel-and-Hunt Review  by Nancy Morris

10. Trophy hunting buoyant industry for Namibia

11. Hunting...definition and history

12. First Hunt in Africa by Tienie Duvenhage

13. A brown hyena hunting-experience in the Kalahari by Jim Jones

14. Trophy Hunting History and Wildlife Management

15. Safe Hunting Guidelines

16. Why Africa?  by John MacDonald

Hunting in NamibiaRick and Karen hunting with Uitspan Hunting Safaris

SBI! Case Studies

Meaning of "Uitspan"

'Uitspan' is an Afrikaans word that means place of rest.

When the Boer settlers moved inland in Southern Africa in the 1800's, they used ox carts. When they found a spot with game, water and green grass, they arranged their ox carts into a circular laager for protection against wild animals and stopped for a rest.

They referred to such an action of relaxation for man and beast, as Uitspan.

(Picture above of our ancestors.)

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