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Why hunt?

Why hunt?

Why do so many people love to hunt?

This is a question often asked. The three-part article below, written by Bobby Ivie, explains the most obvious reasons...

Part 1

Man has been in the hunting game all throughout his existence. Primitive man's main job was to hunt. Survival depended on it. Early man had to hunt for food and clothing, as well as shelter and protection.

But, why do so many people in modern civilizations still hunt? You would think that hunting would be more of a hassle than it's worth. The cost of hunting supplies such as guns, ammo, clothing, deer stands, blinds, bird calls, decoys, all terrain vehicles, hunting licenses, hunting leases and on and on would seem to be prohibitive enough in itself.

Then there is the wee early morning hours when a hunter might have to be in the wild to be set up for the hunt because that's when game becomes active.

This may involve extensive travel to the best location, in addition to 'packing in' quite a distance to get there, which may include additional travel into the wilderness via ATV, horseback, or hiking.

Additionally, those early mornings may include dealing with cold and wet weather, mud, fog and a number of obstacles before you ever get to your 'spot.'

Furthermore, when you finally get there, there can be long stretches of nothing to do but to sit and wait silently and motionless with nothing to do but concentrate and hope. why hunt Of course, if you are an aggressive hunter and not one to sit still hiding in waiting, you will have to do some hiking to find your prey; thus, you will experience other discomforts such as fatigue from hiking up and down the terrain (good luck if you are not used to hiking).

So, why do so many people love to hunt? The reasons are numerous...

Fun, power, satisfaction, defense, environmental control, oneness with nature, oneness with their Maker, discovery of inner self, communing with friends and family, getting away from it all, and yes, even food.

Part 2

In "Why Hunt, Part 1" I discussed the survival aspect of early man, as well as the 'seeming' negatives of hunting for wild game.

When you consider all of the inconveniences, you would wonder why anyone would bother to go hunting in this modern day.

As a review, the short list is: Fun, power, satisfaction, defense, environmental control, oneness with nature, oneness with their Maker, discovery of inner self, communing with friends and family, getting away from it all, and yes, even food. But, to be a bit more descriptive...

I think most avid hunters would tell you the main reason they hunt is because it's fun. What I described in Part 1 (early mornings, cold and wet weather, hiking beyond your physical condition, expense), doesn't sound like fun, but it also doesn't give you the whole picture.

It left out the challenge, the adrenalin flow when you make the kill and the satisfaction of victory.

This can be hard to explain. Keep in mind, it's not just the killing that is the thrill, it is the hunt. A hunter has used his/her skills to find or track his prey, and has been successful. That's only the first step.

Now, can the hunter get out the shot, whether from a rifle, pistol or a bow, to complete the process? This is the clincher. It's exciting to find the wild game, but it now finalizes the deal when the prey becomes yours: your trophy, your reward, your meal, your memory, your payoff.

Again, this goes back to early man. It's inbred in humans. But, there is even more to why modern man hunts. There are some very logical reasons. I have shown you what is probably the main motivation. But, there is more. See "Why Hunt, Part 3"

Part 3

Interesting Stuff..

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I have already gone over the primitive inspiration of hunting wild game. I also have discussed the expense and the inconvenience of being a hunter. So, to go further into detail about this fascination, need, or what ever you call it, I would like to present some more ideas on why hunting big game, or even small game, is so important.

The fact is, nature is much bigger than man, and when man is hunting he is at nature's mercy. To overcome something more powerful than you, like a bear or an elk, or track and kill a wildcat, or call ducks back that are flying away from you, is an absolute rush. The kill brings the reward, satisfaction of victory, which is due to your excellent skills and it provides your trophy.

Speaking of killing a wildcat brings up another reason for hunting: defense. A wildcat may be harmful to people and other animals such as cattle. Many varmints are a nuisance and need control.

Along these lines is environmental control. Hunting is usually regulated to the benefit of the animals. Over population can be a problem in the wild. Cold winters can leave starving and dying animals. Controlled hunting actually saves the animals.

Hunting also puts you in touch with nature. Being in the great outdoors can revitalize your inner self spiritually, mentally and emotionally. You will see things on hunting trips that you will not see in society. These things bring a much wider range of experiences into your life and help to sharpen your senses.

Hunting is a great way to commune with family and friends, as well as make new friends. It's a great way to 'get away from it all.' Many people love to hunt because they love owning and training hunting dogs. Training hunting dogs can be quite enjoyable and rewarding. Some people like to hunt on horseback, with or without dogs.

There is so much variety in hunting that you could probably never master everything. Rifle hunting is definitely not the only style. Some love bow hunting, some are trappers, and some just hunt for photography.

There are a lot of things a hunter can learn to make for a better outdoor experience. This keeps the interest up as there is always more to learn: survival skills, tracking skills, how to use hunting gear like scopes, bird calls, elk calls, camouflage, scents and so on.

Last on my list, but certainly not least is hunting for food. I saved it until last because I'm not sure the cost of the hunting trip justifies the meal. But if you like wild game, hunting in the wild is the answer. You are not likely to find venison stew and bar-b-qued wild javelina at your grocer. A supermarket's frozen turkey cannot compare to a fresh turkey taken from the wild.

No wonder hunting, whether for big game like elk, deer or bear, or small game like squirrel or rabbit, or fowl like duck, geese or dove, is so popular.

By Bobby Ivie

Bobby Ivie is an avid fishman and owner of Fishing-Hunting-Camping.com. He makes the biggest part of his living on the Internet, NetBizWorkshop.net

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com

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