Kalahari Hunting, Namibia

Video: Leopard Attack!

You do not want to be attacked by an African Leopard.

This video show you the experience of a guy in Kenya, Africa.

So, if you ever visit Africa, remember the proverb of the Fipa of southwestern Tanzania:

"He who dines with the leopard,
is liable to be eaten."

Interesting Leopard-facts...

  • The leopard is the fourth largest big cat in the world with the jaguar, lion and tiger being larger.
  • For its size, the leopard is the most powerful feline in the world next to the jaguar.
  • Leopards are infamous for their ability to go undetected. They sometimes live practically among humans and are usually still tough to spot.
  • They are graceful and stealthy. Amongst the big cats they are probably the most accomplished stalkers. They are good, agile climbers and can descend from a tree headfirst.
  • Although most leopards will tend to avoid humans, people are occasionally targeted as prey. Most healthy leopards prefer wild prey to humans, but cats who are injured, sickly or struggling with a shortage of regular prey often turning to hunting people and may become habituated to it.

Did you know...

In the most extreme cases, both in India, a leopard dubbed "the Leopard of Rudraprayag" is claimed to have killed over 125 people and the infamous leopardess called "Panar Leopard" killed over 400 after being injured by a poacher and thus being made unable to hunt normal prey.

The "Leopard of Rudraprayag" was killed by legendary hunter Jim Corbett and the "Panar Leopard" was captured, behaving surprisingly shy while caged, and then was killed.

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